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Shop through our large selection of professional-quality vertical drilling machines. When you purchase through Kaka Industrial, you can expect nothing less than precision, power, and versatility from our equipment. We have been providing the metal fabrication industry with top-of-the-line machinery for countless years now. We go above and beyond to ensure we deliver first-rate customer service along with high-functioning premium equipment. Whether you want to build a coat rack or design a wooden toy, you’ll be prepared to bore those accurate holes with our reliable vertical drilling machine.

For more information about our vertical drilling machine, get in contact with the Kaka Industrial team today.

Browse through our giant inventory of professional metal belt grinder machines. Our industrial belt grinding machines are designed to provide exceptional material removal performance. Whether you are cleaning, sharpening, descaling, or finishing, Kaka Industrial can assist. Select from our various options, which includes high-speed belt grinders, tube and profiler end grinders, disc sanders, and more.

Kaka Industrial carries countless years of experience in the industry and has been happily providing quality customer services. There is nothing more important to our team than ensuring our customers are 100 percent satisfied with their purchase.

For more information about our metal belt grinder machines, be sure to call the Kaka Industrial team today.

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