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Industrial Band Saws

Industrial Band Saws

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Manual tools make cutting in a straight line or a cross-cut difficult; fortunately, band saws can handle these cuts and more and are therefore a vital resource for all cutting shops. Accurate cuts made by hand need a high level of concentration and practice. However, using industrial band saws is a simpler approach to cutting wood and metals accurately. The miter gauge on a band saw ensures precise cuts. The blade guide maintains precision while the machine cuts in straight lines and cross-sections.

Another reason to use woodworking band saws is that they allow you to make intricate cuts—particularly when you use vertical band saws for contour cutting. Creating one-of-a-kind patterns and shapes for your projects is now a breeze. Making patterns without a vertical band saw is quite difficult. You’ll love the results you get from using Kaka Industrial machines for anything involving a nonstandard form or design.

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