KAKA 3-IN-1/5216 ,52-Inch 16 Gauge Sheet Metal Brake, 3-In-1 Shear Brake Roll Combinations

  • Our multiple functional 3-in-1 machine features shearing, bending, winding drum, and easy operation.
  • The processing range of this series product is 8in-52in
  • The 3-in-1 machine is used for households or factories.
  • Slip roll rovided with forming grooves
  • 52" working length, heavy duty, 1.5mm thickness plate.
  • Finger width:1",1.5",2",2.5",4",7",9",10",15"(in)

Technical Specifications

Item No. 171008
Model 3-IN-1/5216
Bed width(mm) 1320(52”)
Max.shearing thickness(mm) 1.5(16Ga)
Max.bending thickness(mm) 1.5(16Ga)
Max.bending angle 90°
Max.rolling thickness(mm) 1.5(16Ga)
Min.rolling dia.(mm) 60(2.36”)
Packing size(in) 71”x23”x37”
N.W./G.W.(lb) 1036/1168lb