Signs You May Need a New Vertical Bandsaw Blade

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Signs You May Need a New Vertical Bandsaw Blade

Signs You May Need a New Vertical Bandsaw Blade

James Zhan |

Have you been wondering whether you need to change the blade on your vertical bandsaw but are unsure? Yes, it can be a pain, but it’s also mandatory if you want to do tasks correctly. These are a few signs you may need a new vertical bandsaw blade.

The Teeth Are Beginning To Strip

A noticeable slowdown of feed rate, a need for increased feed pressure, and slower cutting all relate to your blade’s teeth beginning to strip. These issues typically cause the edges to heat up more than if they were in good working condition. If you notice this, then you need to get a new blade before the extra heat causes more stress and other issues.

The Blade Is Squeaky and Noisy

The more you use your vertical bandsaw, the more familiar you become with the typical sounds it makes while in operation. However, you may begin to notice that it’s becoming louder and squeakier and cutting at a slower rate. This is a sign you may need a new vertical bandsaw blade. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Hairline Cracks Have Appeared

A dull blade heats up quicker than a blade in good condition. Usually, a well-used, older blade can cause one issue, then quickly experience multiple more in a short time.

One of these problems is hairline cracks, and if you see one of these fractures in your blade while examining it, you should change the saw blade immediately.

The Blade Doesn’t Consistently Move While Cutting

Another sign you may need a new vertical bandsaw blade is that it’s not consistently moving while cutting. It could be a tired blade that won’t turn on its wheels like it used to, and a tired edge won’t appreciate the extra tension. This problem may present itself with others, such as burn marks on the wood and burning smells.

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