Quick Guide to Drilling a Perfect Vertical Hole

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Quick Guide to Drilling a Perfect Vertical Hole

Quick Guide to Drilling a Perfect Vertical Hole

James Zhan |

Drilling perfectly vertical holes is easy with the right techniques. Using a drill press makes drilling the perfect hole incredibly easy, but there are times when using one isn’t an option. A cordless drill can slant in a different direction, especially with force behind it. There are a few tools you can use to achieve perfection, so read on find out how to drill a perfect vertical hole.

Drill Leveler

A drill with a built-in level is convenient for drilling adequately. Place the drill bit on the marked spot for the hole and hold steady to keep the air bubble in the center of the leveler. Watch the bubble as you drill in the marked circle. A drill will likely tilt as your work, so do your best to keep it still.

Metal Square

A metal square is another tool that helps create perfect vertical holes. Grab a square metal block and cut a long enough piece to accommodate the bit. Hold the square to your workpiece so that the side and top of the body rest on the metal while you drill.

Long-time usage will eventually wear out the square, but there are three other corners of the square to use later.

Drill Block

A drill block is an industrial drilling guide for creating straight holes. Drill blocks contain various-sized holes to insert the drill bit. First, center the drill block over the marked spot. Second, clamp the block over the appropriately sized hole that fits the drill bit. Finally, begin drilling.

Drill Press

A vertical drilling machine is the most efficient device for creating a verticle hole. This machine accommodates any size and type of bit at various angles, ranging from 15 to 90 degrees.

Purchase a drill press from Kaka Industrial and follow this quick guide to drilling a perfect vertical hole to achieve perpendicular holes for your projects. It’s all about understanding the process to achieve great results.

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