Why Are Sheet Metal Machines Needed and What Can They Do?

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Why Are Sheet Metal Machines Needed and What Can They Do?

Why Are Sheet Metal Machines Needed and What Can They Do?

James Zhan |

You may be wondering why sheet metal machines are needed and what they can do. Whether you’re into the sheet metal fabrication industry or curious about it all, this blog is going to take a look at this question and answer it for you. Let’s get started.

Purpose of Sheet Metal Machines

A sheet metal machine is needed to perform four basic tasks: press, cut, form, and bend. You can use these tasks to turn a piece of metal into various sizes and shapes. They are easy-to-use machines that can quickly and efficiently get the job done.

You can classify sheet metal machines into different industrial applications. These applications include sheet metal cutting, rolling mills, shearing machines, and bending machines.

You can also operate them through a variety of systems like NC control, CNC synchronous machines, hydraulic presses, CNC control machines, guillotine machines.

The Different Types and What They Can Do

There are five different types of sheet metal fabrication machines. We’re going to find out what they are and what they do.

  • Power Press: Use a power press in high industrial applications where you need high pressure to bend, cut, form, and press sheet metal.
  • Swaging Machine: These machines are also known as swagers. They can change the size of plain or cylindrical metal sheets used for wiring or crimping.
  • Hydraulic Shearing Machine: This is a machine that can accelerate and simplify the metal bending process in metal processing plants. Plate-bending machines and flying presses fall under the hydraulic shearing machine category.
  • Arbour Press: This versatile machine is used in various industries, including garage, automotive, and general metal.
  • Bending Machine: As its name states, a bending machine uses either electrical, hydraulic, or manual systems to bend sheet metal. The sheet metal industry widely uses this machine.


We hope this answers your question of why sheet metal machines are needed, and what they can do. Having any of these machines in your arsenal is beneficial, no matter what type of business you own.

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