Metric Punching Dies for PBS-9/HP-20

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KAKAIND  |  SKU: 172304-6168-3MM

Metric Punching Dies for PBS-9/HP-20

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Metric Punching Dies for PBS-9/HP-20

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  • 2mm  punching dies for PBS-9/HP-20
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  • 5mm  punching dies for PBS-9/HP-20
  • 6mm  punching dies for PBS-9/HP-20
  • 7mm  punching dies for PBS-9/HP-20
  • 8mm  punching dies for PBS-9/HP-20
  • 9mm  punching dies for PBS-9/HP-20
  • 10mm  punching dies for PBS-9/HP-20
  • 11mm  punching dies for PBS-9/HP-20
  • 12mm  punching dies for PBS-9/HP-20
  • 13mm  punching dies for PBS-9/HP-20
  • 14mm  punching dies for PBS-9/HP-20
  • 15mm  punching dies for PBS-9/HP-20



Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Randel Meisner
Looks like a used punch press

Press arrived in a severely compromised shipping create.The safety guard on the front was broken off. The unit looks used. There are several places on it with chipped off paint. Where are the die sets we ordered with it?