KAKA TR-60L Manual Tube Pipe Roller Bender, High Precision Tubing Pipe Bender WITHOUT Rollers

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KAKA INDUSTRIAL TR-60L Manual Tube Bender, Radius Bender
Standard WITHOUT Rollers. 

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Kaka Industrial TR-60L Tube Roller Bending Machine Overview

Kaka IndustrialTR-60L tube and pipe roller bender is designed to make quick work for large radius bends. This machine builds with high quality materials that can be lasted for many year usage.All the rollers are equipped with precision ball bearings for the smoothest operations. With great variety of optional tooling, the rolling bender is versatile in bending flat bar, channel as well as box section.One thing to be noted is that this roller bender is not designed for rolling complete circles.

Important Information About Optional Rollers

1-This roller bender Standard WITHOUT Rollers.

2-Please search the Stock No that presents in the product picture to find the right rollers 


Bend 1-1/2" Schdule 40 pipe to minimum radius of 20" and 2" round tube to a mnimum radius of 60"

Manual crank make quick work on large radius bend

Standard WITHOUT rollers, you could choose suitable rollers according to the following

Precision ball bearing for better operation

Adjustable distance between lower rollers to get diffferent radius.

Optional Rollers as follows

Round Tube Rollers Round Pipe Rollers
Square Tube Rollers Misc Rollers



SKU 191009L
Model  TR-60L
Pipe capcity 1-1/2" Schdule 40 pipe, Min. radius: 20" (*)
Round tube capacity 2", Min radius; 60"(*)
Rectangular capctiy 1"x2", Min. radius: 60" (*)
Flat bar capacity 1-1/4", Min. raidus: 10"  (*)
Square tube capacity 2", Min. radius: 70" (*)
Packing size 25x11.4x19.2 in
N.W./G.W. 55/77 lb

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