KAKA Industrial W-2416Z, 24"Sheet Metal Pan and Box Brake, Max Thickness 16 Gauge Mild Steel Capacity, Angle 1-135 Degree, The finger size is 1", 2", 3", 8" & 10" Pan and Box Brake Machine


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KAKA Industrial 24-Inch Sheet Metal Pan and Box Overview
This KAKA Industrial Heavy Duty bench top pan and box brake is an ideal tool if you need to increase the strength of sheet metal plates with bends, or you intend on fabricating more complicated brackets, gussets, boxes, or fixtures.

It can bends mild steels up to 16 gauge thick, 24-inch wide with angle 0-135 degrees. 

Adjustable Fingers with Counter Balanced Mechanism
With removable and adjustable fingers, the KAKA hand brake can be installed in a variety of positions to accommodate varying widths of metal.

Quick indexing of one or many fingers makes this the perfect machine for multiple applications.

Achieve extremely sharp bends and easily adjust the fingers closer or farther from the point of bend. 

Heavy Duty Hold Down Clamp Lever 
Bending sheet metal become a easy job with KAKA pan and box brake.

The heavy duty hold down clamp lever allows for clamping and unclamping the sheet metal through the cam mechanism.

This machine can do any professional bending work.


The finger size of W-2416Z is 1", 2", 3", 8" & 10".

Stock No. : 173121

Width : 24"

Thickness: 16Ga

Angle: 0-135°

Packing size: 34" X 14" X 22"

N.W/G.W. 112/141 lbs

Standard Accessories

Balance weight hammer


Optional Accessories

No optional accessories


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