Kaka SS-18 Metal Shrinker Stretcher, Cast Iron 18-Gauge Mild Steel Metal Stretcher, Solid Construction Shrinker Stretcher

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KAKA Industrial Metal Shrinker Stretcher SS-18 Overview
KAKA SS18 metal shrinker stretcher is designed to handle most of our automotive metal-shaping jobs. The metal stretcher features powerful steel jaws that curve or angle mild steel up to 18 gauge or aluminum up to 16 gauge! Compound 45:1 leverage allows effortless forming without making relief cuts, heating, or hammer-forming.

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Kaka SS-18 metal shrinker stretcher possesses a high capacity. It can deal with 16 gauge mild steel, 20 gauge stainless and 16 gauge aluminum; the thickness can also up to 1.2mm. It designed with a cast iron body and can be utilized after many years. It would definitely a smart choice to choose this shrinker stretcher!


Item No.






Throat Depth (in)


Packing size (in)


N.W/G.W (lbs)

12 / 13


Standard Accessories

Shrinker jaw, stretcher jaw and handle