KAKA INDUSTRIAL 480-0009 heavy-duty universal deburring cutter with blade diameter 3. 2


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KAKA INDUSTRIAL480-009 heavy-duty universal deburring cutter with blade diameter 3. 2

     The applied function of Type A and B is basically the same. Type A is heavy-duty with blade diameter 3. 2. Type B is light-duty with diameter 2. 6. Both are universal deburring edge and can be used in any shape of the workpiece:

universal deburring cutter

These have ten types, nine blades with different angle, which are the industry's first choice and an essential instrument.

The blade E100/E200:universal deburring cutter with blade diameter 3.2


1.Mechanical manufacturing industry: mechanical processing, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, Stamping, mould, welding, repairing, etc.

2.Plastic manufacturing industry : injection moulding, plastic sucking, plastic steel doors and windows, lettering machining,productions, glassware and ceramics. 

3.Manufacturing industry: iron casting, steel casting, die casting, casting, etc.

4.Wood products manufacturing industry: furniture manufacturing, various wood products manufacturing and repairing,This production, which is fit for all work of life and necessary of the family, has been widely used.

Function of the production:

This production is used for the final procedure-deburring in the machining, which can be used in any shape such as convexity, rotundity, squareness, oblate, various groove, linearity, curvilinear. circular hole, flat hole, branch hole where are easy to produce deburring.

Advance the quality and reduce operating costs.

Fit for materials

1.Various ordinary steel, stainless steel, cast iron, cast steel, etc. Black metal.

2.All kinds of aluminous material, zinc, lead, etc. Nonferrous metals

3.All kinds of plastic products : plastic steel doors and windows, organic glass, plastic tube, sheet metal, etc.

4.All kinds of woodwork

Glass products and ceramicQuality guarantee of the production:

 This production is made of high quality material, which intensity, tenacity and rigidity are guaranteed. The design of exterior is in reason and the tool handle is suitable and soft.

The holders and arbor of the production are made of high quality alloy steel, which rigidity, elasticity are guaranteed and prolong its service life. 

The material of the blade is HSS. The edge of the blade is made by special machine, which handle with high temperature quench and the rigidity can reach     HRC62 °-64°. The edge is sharp, cut smoothly and prolong its service life.