KAKA Industrial FB-4 Flat Steel Metal Brake Bender, 4-Inch Hand Operated Steel Bending Brake, 2.5 Tons Press Bending And Create Up To 90 Degree, High Flexibility, Easy Operation Sheet Metal Forming Bender


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KAKA Industrial Fb-4 4 Inches Hand Operated Steel Bending Brake Overview
KAKA Industrial FB-4 steel bending brake is used for press bending ornamental iron, mild steel, aluminum and other metals.

One benefit of this steel bender is that it is easily mounted to any bench top.

For cold forming of steel and metals, this bender brake includes setup plate for table clamping. 

Additional, this sheet metal bender can bend to 90 degrees by simply turing handle level until the desired angle is accomplished.

It is overall a great bending and braking tool for any sheet metal fabrication shops!


    • Item:173204
    • Model:FB-4
    • Capacity3/4” x 11/16”2” x 7/16”4” x 5/16”
    • Packing size (in)16"x 6.3 "x 7-1/2"
    • N.W/G.W(lbs)19/22