HV-6 TSL Vertical & Horizontal Rotary Table

TSL vertical&horizontalrotary table is one of the main accessory of milling machine, it is used for index boring, milling,circle cutting, spot facing and boring hole etc on milling machine. Rotary table in vertical with working together can used on complex work for circle index boring and milling.



Diameter of table (in):φ5.9

Morse taper of the center hole:MT3

Height of center  for verti mounting (in):3.9

Width of T-slot(in):0.472

Adjacent angle of T-slot:90"

Width of the locting key (in):0.629

Modules of worm and worm gear:1.5

Transmission ratio of the worm gear 1:90

Graduation of the table:360°

Rotating angle of table with one revolution of the wrom:4"(1' Per graduation)

Minimum value  of vernier:10"

Indexing accuracy:80"

Max.bearing(With table Hor.)lb:220

Max.bearing(With table ver.)lb:110

N.W./G.W. 30/33 lb

Gase dimensions:10X9.4X5.1 in