KAKA Industrial Folding Pipe Jacks


  • Increased V-Head dimension.

  • 1 1/2" Acme threaded rod.

  • 1" tube steel legs and tube steel brace supports.

  • Multiple head options.

  • Optional safety ring secures safety washer to base.

  • 1/4" T-handle lock reduces wobble in fit-up.

  • The bottom tube washer offers extra lateral rigidity.

  • Powder-coated safety red.

  • Fully welded carry handle doubles as a security lock point.


Item No. 178295 178296 178297
Model APJ-1 APJ-2 APJ-3
Name V-Head pipe jack Ball transfer sleeve Roller head w/ steel wheels
Weight capacity 1100kg/2400lbs 450kg/1000lbs 450kg/1000lbs
Adjustment height 28"-51" 28"-51" 28"-51"
N.W./G.W. 29/31 lbs 31/33 lbs 29/31 lbs
Packing size 31x9.8x7.8 in
31x9.8x7.8 in 31x9.8x7.8 in