Why Your Bandsaw Blade Wanders

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Why Your Bandsaw Blade Wanders

Why Your Bandsaw Blade Wanders

Sam Chun |

Bandsaws are a crucial tool in the fabrication industry. Its long, sharp blade comprised of toothed metal allows manufacturers to achieve precise cuts. A bandsaw’s accuracy is determined by multiple factors. When one factor is askew, your bandsaw’s efficiency and exactness are often compromised. Kaka Industrial looks at why your bandsaw blade wanders, as well as how to prevent this from happening.

Improper Installation

One of the first things to check when your blade constantly wanders is whether it was properly installed. Most unsuccessful installations will be obvious to experienced bandsaw operators. Improper blade installation will depend on what type of bandsaw you have.

  • For vertical blade bandsaws, the sharp point (or the hook) of the blade should be facing downward
  • For horizontal blade bandsaws, the hook of the blade will be angled to enter the product first as the blade moves

Specialty bandsaws have alternate setups for their blade. Be sure to check after installation that the specialty blade functions as it should.

A Dull Blade

The sharper the blade, the better. Dull blades are not only slow, but they are more likely to produce inaccurate cuts.

Working with a dull blade is an inconvenience because it demands more effort from the bandsaw operator. Fabricators can manipulate the workpiece into the blade to eventually get the cut. The produced cut, however, is unlikely to be as accurate as the manufacturer’s project demands. Establishing blade guides in your shop is a promising way to reduce the use of dull bandsaw blades.

The Blade Is Running the Wrong Way

On many bandsaw machines, you can flip the blade “inside out” to have the hook of the blade pointing the opposite way. If you are wondering why you are not getting the desired cut, there is a good chance that the blade is running in the wrong direction. Only a professional should adjust the blade or wiring as needed to set up the bandsaw machine properly.

Bandsaw Wheels or Blade Guides Are Misaligned

A bandsaw’s blade is guided by either the wheels, sliding blocks, or both. If you have asked yourself why your bandsaw blade wanders, there’s a good chance it could be due to one of the guiding elements being awry.

The way the blade is tracking on the bandsaw wheels informs how precise the operator’s cut will be. Misaligned wheels will make it much more difficult to achieve the intended cut. You should also check the blade guides alignment, as the blade should not be pushed tightly against the guides.

Kaka Industrial offers metal-cutting bandsaw machines of various styles and sizes to accommodate your budget and project requirements. We also supply high-grade bandsaw parts for any minor additions your manufacturing facility could need. Contact us today to learn which of our premium products will suit your fabrication shop best.

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