What You Need To Know About Die Cutting

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What You Need To Know About Die Cutting

What You Need To Know About Die Cutting

Sam Chun |

The metal fabrication industry applies multiple techniques that increase workshop performance and efficiency. Projects have varying requirements that call for the use of different machines and processes. If you are in the fabrication industry, and are looking to expand your metal-cutting methods, consider what you need to know about die cutting so you can add the technique to your arsenal.

What Is Die Cutting?

In fabrication, die cutting is a manufacturing process that informs the size and shape of products. The method was introduced at the start of the 20th century and has evolved to become more efficient ever since.

Materials shaped during the die cutting procedure are typically sheet metal. In the die cutting process, sheet metal is placed against the desired shape die using a punch. The metal then conforms to the die’s shape.

Its Benefits

Die cutting is utilized for all kinds of fabrication materials. Though most associated with metal, the die cutting practice can also be used with plastic and wood. It is an optimal process because it produces less wasted material than most other manufacturing techniques. So, not only is die cutting a prime option for companies that have precise requirements, but it saves an ample amount of material and money.

Equipment Used

There is usually a slew of metal fabrication machines employed in metal-working shops. It comes as no surprise that a die cutting machine and die are necessary pieces to the die cutting process. Most die cutting machines rely on hydraulics or electricity and are equipped with a punch and cutting tool.

Another consideration that informs which equipment to use is the specifications of your project. Die cutting machines perform differently depending on their structure and die cutting requirements. Familiarize yourself with the types of die cutting to learn which one would be most beneficial to your project. You can then decide the specifications for your die cutting machine.

Types of Die Cutting

Each type of die cutting manipulates material in a unique way. Common types of die cutting are

  • Through cutting
  • Scoring
  • Creasing
  • Straight shearing

The size and shape demand for your metals will help determine which type of die cutting will be the most effective.

Once you have covered your bases on what you need to know about die cutting, you can start to apply the technique in your shop. Be sure that proper training is enlisted prior to operating a die cutting machine to promote workplace safety. The die cutting procedure is sure to improve fabrication productivity while minimizing shop waste.

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