Which Is Better: Bench Top vs. Stationary Drill Press?

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Which Is Better: Bench Top vs. Stationary Drill Press?

Which Is Better: Bench Top vs. Stationary Drill Press?

Chris Cui |

Drill presses are tools that come into play when you need accuracy and precision for a big project. But are you confused regarding which type is better? We’ll break down the key differences between a bench top and a stationary drill press so that you can make an educated decision for your shop.

Bench Top Drill Press

The bench top drill press will suit a smaller working bench because it’s smaller in size. Because of its modest stature, it also weighs less than the stationary drill press.

The chuck size of the bench top is up to half an inch. Don’t bother looking for a bench top drill press with a spindle tilt because you probably won’t find one. You also won’t have to worry about upgrading the electrical systems in your shop if you go with a bench top drill press.

Cost is a huge factor when deciding which drill press to purchase. A bench top drill press will cost you less money than a stationary drill press. If you’re a beginner or enjoy working on a DIY or hobby project, the bench top drill press is the option for you.

Stationary Drill Press

The stationary drill dress is also known as a floor drill press. If you need a drill that will provide precise work, the stationary drill is the one your workshop needs. It can offer advanced features, such as spindle tilt, that allow you to work on various projects.

Do you need to drill larger chuck sizes? It’s best to invest in the floor drill press. These large machines will efficiently work through thicker diameter materials, which means less work for you!

The stationary drill press is the pricier option, but it’s worth the investment if you can relate to the pros above.

Which Is Better?

Decide the answer to this question based on which you related to more. Do you need a machine that you can move around in your small workshop? Purchase the bench top drill press! Are you looking for a drill press that will provide precision time and time again? The stationary drill press is the one for you!

Take time to really read over this blog to determine whether a bench top or a stationary drill press is better. Then, when you’re ready to purchase, browse Kaka Industrial’s inventory of vertical drilling machines. We’re prepared to ship our quality products to you.

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