How To Properly Clean Your Bandsaw Blades

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How To Properly Clean Your Bandsaw Blades

How To Properly Clean Your Bandsaw Blades

Jake Betcher |

If you want your bandsaw blade to be at peak performance, you must properly clean it. We’ll look at the best way to clean the bandsaw blade and we’ll offer a few tips. Let’s get cleaning!

Clean Blades After Each Use

Your blades have an increased chance of rusting if you don’t clean them after each use. Spray lubricant is the best defense against rust. With a dry, clean cloth, wipe the bandsaw blade carefully.

There are a few cleaning options to deal with a rusty blade, depending on the intensity of the rust.

  • For light rust, soapy water will do the trick.
  • For deep rust, remove the rust with a non-toxic rust removal solution.

Pro Cleaning Tip: Stay away from using abrasive measures to clean the blade. Scrubbing, brushing, or scraping could damage the bandsaw blade.

Avoid Sap and Resin Build-Up

Removing resin from the bandsaw blade with soapy water will prevent buildup. Wax can create issues with the bandsaw’s performance by causing friction, and then heating and slowing the blade.

After a soak, wipe the bandsaw blade clean with a dry cloth. Feel free to use a non-toxic cleaner if you think the soap isn’t removing the sap well enough.

Pro Drying Tip: Use a hair dryer to ensure the blade is completely dry at the end of the washing process.

Why Cleaning Is Vital

Not cleaning the bandsaw blade is the quickest way to ruin the edge. Cleaning the blade is vital and provides the following benefits:

  • Keeps the blade sharp
  • Prevents stripped teeth
  • Extends the life of the blade
  • Avoids crooked cuts

No shop, large or small, wants to deal with changing blades prematurely. Make cleaning the bandsaw blade part of your daily routine to keep everything running smoothly.

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