Tips To Safely Clean Your Vertical Drill Press

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Tips To Safely Clean Your Vertical Drill Press

Tips To Safely Clean Your Vertical Drill Press

Jake Betcher |

As someone who works in the metal fabrication industry, you know how important it is to keep your equipment in the best possible condition. To maximize the lifespan of your tools and keep your productivity levels high, explore some tips to safely clean your vertical drill press.

Lubricate the Drill Chuck

To create precise and even holes, a vertical drill press has a chuck that holds a drill bit that moves up and down while it’s spinning. To keep the chuck’s jaws operating properly and ensure the bit remains centered, you’ll need to routinely apply a bit of drying lubricant inside the chuck.

To apply the lubricant, fully open the jaws of the chuck’s shell unit and blow compressed air inside. Once the area is free of dust and dirt, you can spray the lubricant inside the drill chuck. After the lubricant is applied, tighten and loosen the jaws a few times to ensure it’s well-oiled. While you’re manipulating the chuck, be sure to wipe off any excess lubrication.

Maintain the Belt

Another tip to safely clean your vertical drill press involves inspecting and maintaining the belt. You should perform a routine inspection of the belt on a semi-regular basis, but if you notice unusual noises or excessive vibration, something could be amiss. A worn belt or bent, unbalanced pulleys can create annoying noises and vibrations that can slow down your overall production.

To inspect the status of your belt, begin by unplugging the drill press. You’ll need to remove the machine’s head cover and rotate the belt by hand. While the belt is rotating, perform a visual inspection to identify any cracks, lumps, or ply separations. If you see any of these irregularities, you’ll need to replace the belt as soon as possible.

If the belt appears normal but it’s still making odd noises or vibrations, you may need to reset the machine’s tension. Over time, the belt can become too loose or too tight between the pulleys. Closely follow the directions in your machine’s manual will ensure you’re properly resetting the tension.

Inspect the Quill

To make sure your vertical drill press creates the most accurate holes, you’ll want to inspect the quill for any unwanted movement. With a lot of use, the quill can begin to move from side to side (radial play) or up and down (axial play). Both radial and axial play will prevent you from maximizing the precision of your drill press.

You’ll need to thoroughly examine the quill by taking it apart and checking any component involved in the slicing process. Once you’ve identified the source of the quill movement, you’ll need to drill two holes in the center of the housing and install an adjustment bolt. This bolt will maintain a steady force on the drill chuck and allow you to create the holes you need.

At Kaka Industrial, we sell a variety of vertical drilling machines for all your metal fabrication needs. With our premium equipment, you’ll be able to create accurate holes regardless of your project. Get in touch with our team today to find the ideal equipment for your operations.

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