Tips on How To Use a Bandsaw: Safety First

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Tips on How To Use a Bandsaw: Safety First

Tips on How To Use a Bandsaw: Safety First

Sam Chun |

One of the safest machines available is the bandsaw. This safety doesn’t mean you can let your guard down; it will still cause a significant injury if not used properly. The following are safety tips on how to use a bandsaw and prevent harm.

Safety Gear

Always protect yourself to avoid any accidents while using a bandsaw.


Never forget to wear safety goggles. It’s the same when you’re working with any woodworking equipment or tools. Small chips or shards from your project can get propelled into any direction because the saw is operating at high speeds. Or worse, the blade could break while in use. It’s too risky for you to chance not wearing goggles, so make sure it becomes a habit.


You could also wear protective ear gear if you choose. It’s not likely that the bandsaw will emit loud enough noises to hurt your hearing, but if you feel more comfortable wearing earplugs or muffs, feel free to do so.


It’s essential to wear the proper clothing as well. Avoid anything that could possibly get caught in the machine or your work, such as loose-fit shirts.

Check Before Cutting

Several blocks and wheels keep the blade in the correct positioning throughout the cutting process. You need to regularly check these components per the manufacturers’ instructions. Not doing so could cause your blade to break prematurely because of unnecessary wear and tear.

Once you’ve adjusted the bandsaw properly and set the appropriate tension level, prepare the saw to cut. Remember to keep the motor off as you place your stock flat on the table.

Safely Cutting Stock

These are a few things to remember that will keep you safe as you cut the stock with your bandsaw. They include the following:

  • Always wait until the motor is full speed before operating.
  • Keep the stock flat against the table at all times.
  • If you need to cut curves, draw them on your stock first and cut slowly
  • Don’t pull the stock out of the cut until the blade has stopped completely

Be Aware of Hand Placement

Here’s another tip on safely using a bandsaw: there’s no reason for your hands to be any closer than three inches to the blade when you’re operating it. Your hands should remain on each side of the stock, guiding it through the cut. Use a push stick if you need a way to get your hands closer than three inches.

Don’t ever reach across the bandsaw. Use whichever hand is closest to the on and off switch.

Remember to avoid distractions while operating incredibly dangerous machinery. If you need to purchase metal cutting bandsaw machinery, visit Kaka Industrial online to make a purchase.

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