5 Quick Drill Press Hacks: Easy Woodworking Tips

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5 Quick Drill Press Hacks: Easy Woodworking Tips

5 Quick Drill Press Hacks: Easy Woodworking Tips

Sam Chun |

The drill press is the go-to tool when you need a job done that requires precision. The drill press isn’t the handiest tool in the shop, but you can’t live without it once you have one. However, when you’re using a drill press, it’s difficult to keep all the accessories handy when you need them. Drill presses are easier to use when everything is accessible. Follow along as we explore five quick drill press hacks.

Magnetize the Chuck Key

Your chuck key will easily get lost when it’s not attached to something. You could tie it onto a string that’s connected to the drill press, but it could get tangled and twisted up. Instead, get some heavy-duty magnets to keep that elusive chuck key in a safe and easily accessible spot.

Use Your Drill Press Vice

Even as a woodworker, you’ll still do a certain amount of metalworking. The vice is perfect for providing support or clamping while your drilling holes into metal. Having this handy and available will mean you’ll use it more, so keep it directly next to your drill press on the wall.

Remove Levers

If the levers get in the way while you’re drilling, remove them and attach them back on if you need to use them. You can do a small bit of customization so your drill press works well for you.

Place Platter Directly Underneath

The drill press doesn’t make a giant mess with sawdust, but it can get quite messy with chips flying and other ways. Place a platter directly underneath whatever you’re drilling for a stress-free clean-up.

90 Degree Supports

If you’re finding it difficult to drill holes into the edge grain of some wooden parts, use the 90-degree supports you make from ¾ inch plywood. These supports are solid and are ideal for holding smaller pieces of wood in the holes.

We at Kaka Industrial have a great selection of vertical bench drills for your choosing. Visit us online to purchase your drill and try out the five quick drill press hacks.

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