Things To Consider When Shopping for a Sheet Metal Machine

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Things To Consider When Shopping for a Sheet Metal Machine

Things To Consider When Shopping for a Sheet Metal Machine

Jake Betcher |

Choosing new machinery for your workshop is a high-stakes task. Whatever piece you choose will become an investment that either cuts expenses in the long term or ends up costing you more than you paid. Discover what things to consider when shopping for a sheet metal machine.

1. What Do You Need It For?

Sheet metal machines can do different things. They can punch, bevel, shear, bend, press, and cut sheet metal according to a variety of specifications. When you start shopping, it’s a good idea to make a list of the features you consider to be priorities. Next, you can list a few features you’d prefer to have but can live without.

2. Level of Automation

Depending on what kinds of projects you intend to complete with your new machine, you may want something automated. Automation is the degree to which a machine can operate on its own using pre-programmed settings. A manual machine requires more oversight from a real person.

Having a highly automated machine will likely cut down on your personnel needs, which, in turn, can save you money. However, you’ll still need someone knowledgeable enough about the machine to program it with your desired settings.

3. Investment Value

When you need to decide between different models of the same machine, it’s vital to prioritize your investment value. This measures how much money the machine will cost to purchase and maintain versus what it’ll save you in labor and supply costs. Sometimes, it’s unnecessary to have all the bells and whistles if the extra upfront cost makes your profit margin too small.

4. Machine Serviceability

One thing to always consider when shopping for a sheet metal machine is how easily you can service it. Maintenance is a regular part of every machine’s life, so you’ll need to think about the specialization necessary to maintain the device you choose. If your new machine is so specialized that only a licensed professional can fix it, you’ll be at the mercy of the manufacturer’s customer service.

Kaka Industrial specializes in sheet metal fabrication machines that cut, shear, bend, stretch, and fold sheet metals of all thicknesses. Call or email us today to find out which of our machines can help speed up your next project.

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