Features You Never Knew Your Drill Press Had

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Features You Never Knew Your Drill Press Had

Features You Never Knew Your Drill Press Had

Jake Betcher |

Few serious fabricators and craftsmen can get away with not owning a drill press. If you’re looking to make anything with a professional finish, you’re going to want your holes drilled exactly the same way each time, which is what a drill press is designed to do. Learn about these features you never knew your drill press had.

Turn It Into a Sander

Attachments are the key to getting the most out of your drill press. There are probably hundreds of different kinds, each one designed to help you complete a particular task. One that people commonly buy is a sanding drum attachment, which you can find in sets of multiple sizes. The drum lets you turn your drill press into a motorized sander.

Drill Square Holes

In woodworking, mortising is the process of attaching pieces of wood through interlocking pieces, called the mortise and tenon. A mortise is a square hole that you can’t really drill with a handheld power drill. Instead, you can get a mortising attachment for your full size or bench drill press that will let you make square holes.

Tilting Table

One feature you never knew your drill press had is a tilting table. Tilting the table lets you drill holes at a precise angle. Clamp your project to the table and use an angle gauge to help set the tilt.

Pro-Tip: Resetting Your Drill Table

You can reset your drill table to 90 degrees several different ways. If you own a digital angle gauge, the process is fairly straightforward. However, if you don’t own such a tool, you can grab an old wire hanger and stick it in your drill press instead of a bit. Bend the wire at an angle, then bring your table up to meet the wire tip. Rotate the wire, continuing to adjust the table until all points touch the wire equally.

Having a vertical drill press in your shop is a fantastic asset, since drill presses are so versatile. You can find both benchtop and standing drill presses in Kaka Industrial’s online storefront. Our drills have digital drill depth readouts and fully rotatable work tables so that you can make any project you want.

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