The Rise of AI in the Metal Fabrication Industry

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The Rise of AI in the Metal Fabrication Industry

The Rise of AI in the Metal Fabrication Industry

Jake Betcher |

Artificial intelligence (AI) impacts almost every business in the modern world and the metal fabrication industry is no exception. In general, the two main purposes of workplace AI are to speed up the work and make it more effective. When it comes to the metalworking industry, AI solutions largely revolve around automation. Let’s explore the rise of AI in the metal fabrication industry and discuss three important optimization benefits.

Automated Processes

The metal fabrication industry has historically been reliant on human labor. However, developing technology and intense deadlines have prompted many businesses to turn to automated processes and smart machines. AI-driven machines can effectively perform almost any repetitive task and reduce the number of errors and delays in the manufacturing process.

Today, many metalworking machines are powered by AI-based algorithms that can perform tasks without additional human assistance. Some common duties include assembling, welding, cutting, and bending metal.

Why are so many in the metal fabrication industry relying on artificial automation? Almost all the existing machines in a metal plant can be integrated with computer systems that can be trained to autonomously perform an action. Once the machine knows what task to perform and how, humans only need to supervise the process.

Efficient Cutting Techniques

The growing popularity of AI in the metal fabrication industry can also be attributed to the algorithm’s ability to maximize the cutting process. Cutting is one of the essential responsibilities of a metal worker, and effective cutting techniques reduce waste. An AI-powered machine can increase the cutting quality and monitor the process for potential glitches.

AI can be used to both improve the completed work and monitor the status of each machine in a facility. If a machine is not functioning properly, the human operator can take corrective actions to ensure the cutting process remains as efficient as possible.

Product Personalization

Another interesting aspect of AI in the metal fabrication industry is product personalization. Business owners no longer need to organize an entirely new production line when they want to create nonstandard versions of their products. Instead, smart manufacturing provides the opportunity to make smaller product batches to meet the individual needs of each order.

An emphasis on mass personalization is possible when a wide range of processes are automated via AI. Computer-aided control means the possibilities are virtually limitless. Metal companies can diversify their product offerings and provide their customers with more personalized options.

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