The Benefits of Doing Your Own Metalwork

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The Benefits of Doing Your Own Metalwork

The Benefits of Doing Your Own Metalwork

Jake Betcher |

Fabrication projects can be very complex. When there are a lot of parts to make, you may be faced with a decision to do your own work or outsource some aspects of the project. Take a look at these benefits of doing your own metalwork.

1. You Get Complete Control

The top reason most workshops prefer to do their own metalwork is that they can control every aspect of the project. You know exactly what materials and methods you’re using, and you don’t have to worry about anyone taking shortcuts. You can even make adjustments on the fly without waiting for others to approve them.

2. It’s Easier To Check Quality

When everything happens under your roof, you can keep a constant eye on the fabrication process. There are no limits to how often you can do a quality check. In fact, if your workers are experts, they can be on the lookout for flaws even while they’re putting parts together.

3. There Are No Shipping Delays

One of the slowest parts of working with third-party contractors is waiting for shipments. When you do everything yourself, you don’t need to wait for the contractor to send you the parts. And if there are any problems, you can address them immediately without sending samples back and forth via snail mail.

4. You Can Fix Problems Quickly

One of the many benefits of doing your own metalwork is that you can adapt to new information immediately. If you suddenly realize that the type of welding equipment you own won’t work on the metal you’ve chosen, you can fix the problem without waiting on anyone. If that problem happened at a contractor’s shop, you’d be stuck playing phone tag while you try to sort out the problem.

Getting the Equipment You Need

Kaka Industrial can supply you with the metalworking equipment you need to do your own fabrication. We carry sheet metal bending machines in addition to these other essential tools:

  • Table saw
  • Bandsaw
  • Vertical drill press
  • Belt grinder
  • Mortising machine

If you’re not sure what equipment you need for your next project, Kaka Industrial is happy to help. Contact us and let us know what you’re working on!

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