3 Reasons Why Belt Grinders Are Essential to Your Workshop

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3 Reasons Why Belt Grinders Are Essential to Your Workshop

3 Reasons Why Belt Grinders Are Essential to Your Workshop

Jake Betcher |

There are some kinds of power tools that no workshop can do without. The best tools are ones you can use for various jobs. Keep reading to discover three reasons why belt grinders are essential to your workshop.

Give Your Project a Polish

You probably know that you can use a belt grinder to remove burrs and other imperfections from metal. However, a belt grinder is also important for giving your projects a finishing polish. You can achieve a flawless finish with very fine grit belts that will surely impress clients.

A Positive Investment

One way to judge the true cost of a new piece of equipment is to calculate the cost per use. If a machine costs $500 and you use it 10 times a day, every day for a week, then you use it 50 times. $500 divided by 50 is 10, so that machine is $10 per use. The longer you own a machine, the lower the cost per use. For example, after 500 uses, the cost per use is less than $1.

Belt grinders are excellent investments because the cost per use drops quickly. Since you can use them for so many kinds of tasks, it won’t be long before the machine pays for itself.

Grinders vs. Sanders

Many people decide to buy either a sander or a grinder when starting out of a small workshop, but not both. If you have to choose one, know that a belt grinder can also function as a belt sander. All you have to do is put on a sanding belt, and you’ve got a machine that can do both jobs!

The Bottom Line

Belt grinders are essential to your workshop because they are incredibly versatile and easy to use. If you work with metal more often than wood, a belt grinder is a better choice than a sander because you still have the option to work with both materials.

You can find industrial-strength metal belt grinders at Kaka Industrial. We carry tools for metal and woodworking that keep your shop running at peak efficiency. Contact us today for help choosing the perfect tools for your next project.

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