Sheet Metal Safety Standards Everyone Should Know

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Sheet Metal Safety Standards Everyone Should Know

Sheet Metal Safety Standards Everyone Should Know

Jake Betcher |

Sheet metal manufacturing is essential to various industries like manufacturing, aviation, and construction. Though it’s integral to working in these various fields, the process can be dangerous without proper safety precautions.

Injuries and even fatalities can happen while cutting, forming, or welding sheet metals. Because of these risks, everyone should know these sheet metal safety standards minimize the risk of accidents in the workplace.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

One non-negotiable standard is wearing PPE. PPE includes safety glasses, welding helmets, gloves, hearing protection, and respiratory equipment. An employee should supply the equipment at no cost and provide adequate PPE training. Although it’s the employer’s responsibility to supply the equipment, each worker should also maintain their PPE to ensure it’s functional.

Material Handling

Sheet metal comes in different shapes and sizes, and proper handling is vital in preventing metal cuts, crush injuries, and strains. Training is essential for proper handling techniques, including using mechanical aids like forklifts, hoists, and cranes. One must also consider the weight of the sheet material. Stacking more adds significant poundage to what you’re carrying, potentially making it unstable and causing it to fall.

Electrical Safety

Sheet metal processes involve welding and electrical tools that can have severe consequences if improperly handled. Workers should receive training on electrical safety to avoid electrical burns, shock, and electrocution.

Damaged or malfunctioning equipment must have labels with the proper instructions. Employees should also tread lightly in wet areas or around flammable materials to avoid accidents.

Machine Safeguarding

Sheet metal workers often use machines like saws, drills, and presses in their processes. Machine safeguarding prevents workers from accessing machines’ moving parts while operating them.

Machine safeguarding protocols also come from effective training. Frequent inspections of the machines you use will prevent many accidents from occurring, guaranteeing safe handling.

Fire Safety

Sheet metal processes involve intense heat, making the risk of fire high. Fires can also occur in the workplace due to other causes, such as poor ventilation and improper disposal of combustible materials. All employees should receive instructions on fire safety and prevention. All flammable materials must be far away from any potential fire hazard. Fire extinguishers and alarms should also be nearby for those who have received training on using them.

With this information, you now know the sheet metal safety standards to follow. The common denominator with each tip is that each worker must also get training on all safety measures and regulations in their workplace.

Kaka Industrial knows it’s essential to create a safe work environment for workers to increase productivity, reliability, and efficiency. You can check all those boxes with our sheet metal machines, so see what works for you today!

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