Drill Press Techniques You Didn’t Know About

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Drill Press Techniques You Didn’t Know About

Drill Press Techniques You Didn’t Know About

James Zhan |

No matter how much experience you have using power tools, there are always new tricks to learn. Whether its tricks to increase accuracy or little hacks to get more use out of your machines, it never hurts to keep looking for new techniques. Here are five drill press techniques you probably didn’t know about.

Depth Setting Made Easy

Even experienced craftspeople can sometimes have difficulty drilling holes to the exact same depth. One trick to improve your accuracy is to mark the depth on your workpiece with a pen, then lower the drill until the bit lines up with your mark. After that, you can set your depth stop and get the same results each time.

Drilling in Short Plunges

It can be tempting to just drill straight through your workpiece in one go, but we don’t recommend doing that. When you drill, the flutes in the drill bit fill up with sawdust, which can create unwanted friction and even dull your bit. It’s better to drill in short bursts, clearing out the sawdust between plunges.

Using Toggle Clamps

Adjusting your drill press table to suit your needs is one of the best ways to get the most out of your drill. For example, you can install toggle clamps to the corners of your table to hold down flat pieces for drilling. This keeps everything from moving and your hands safely away from the drill.

Building a Clamp Bar

Speaking of keeping your hands safe, it can be very dangerous to try and hold a small workpiece below the drill bit. Instead, screw a board to the table and cut a V-shaped notch in the side facing the fence. You can then press the board against whatever you’re drilling as you secure it in the V-notch.

Even Hole Spacing

Here’s a drill press technique you probably didn’t know about: using a shelf standard to drill holes evenly. Attach the shelf standard to your fence, then tap a nail into the edge of your workpiece on one end. From there, you can lock the nail into the notches on the shelf standard to keep track of your hole spacing.

Looking for a Vertical Drill?

If you’re in the market for a vertical drilling machine, then you should check out Kaka Industrial’s selection on our online storefront. We offer different kinds of drill presses so that you can find exactly the one that’s right for your next project. Call or email us if you have any questions.

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