Common Misconceptions About Metal Fabrication

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Common Misconceptions About Metal Fabrication

Common Misconceptions About Metal Fabrication

James Zhan |

Choosing the right fabrication shop for your next project can be difficult. What you want is the best work for the lowest possible price, and it can sometimes be hard to tell who stands the best chance of giving you those results. While making your decision, you should keep in mind these common misconceptions about metal fabrication.

Fabricators Do Their Own Compliance Verification

When you’re working on industrial projects, there are lots of laws and regulations to navigate. Keeping up with these rules is called compliance verification, and some fabrication shops will assure you that they can do all of these steps without assistance.

However, when there’s no room for error, you have every right to bring in a third party that does professional compliance verification. Shops that don’t have anything to hide will be perfectly fine working in tandem with these other vendors.

Always Choose the Under-Budget Option

One very important misconception about metal fabrication to keep in mind is that going under budget is not a guarantee of a better ROI. A shop that knows the value of its services should never under-charge, and doing so shows a lack of confidence. It could also mean that the shop knows it’s using out-of-date equipment or methods. Sometimes, you get what you pay for.

Professional Appearance Guarantees Good Results

It would be easier if this were always true. But sadly, appearance doesn’t guarantee anything. Just because a shop gives you a flawless pitch doesn’t mean it’ll be able to follow through on its promises. If you can, talk to some other businesses that have worked with the shops you’re considering and see what reviews they offer.

You Don’t Need an Engineer

It may seem like an extra step to involve an engineer when you already have a solid project design. However, it’s always better to get a second opinion. In large companies, design and engineering branches often work hand-in-hand to develop projects so that the final design is a guaranteed success.

Finding the Right Equipment

While having the newest equipment isn’t a promise of efficiency, it certainly doesn’t hurt! If you’re looking for metal fabrication equipment for sale, take a look at Kaka Industrial’s supply of drills, saws, shears, and many other types of tools. Have a question about a project? Give us a call or shoot us an email—we’d love to help you find the right equipment for the job.

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