Differences Between a Belt Grinder and a Belt Sander

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Differences Between a Belt Grinder and a Belt Sander

Differences Between a Belt Grinder and a Belt Sander

Sam Chun |

Versatile and efficient manufacturing facilities have a range of reliable equipment to complete a variety of fabrication projects in an accurate and timely fashion. Among that equipment, belt grinders and belt sanders are common. Both devices help shape materials. So, you might be wondering just how they vary. Kaka Industrial looks at the differences between a belt grinder and a belt sander so you can properly equip your shop.

What Is a Belt Grinder?

Unsurprisingly, industrial facilities utilize metal belt grinders to grind down materials. These machines often function at the last step of metal processing because they make the metals’ surfaces smooth. Belt grinding a metal piece results in a concave finish.

Its Structure

An engine, a wheel on each side, and a belt coated with abrasive metals make up a belt grinder. The structure is small enough for metalworkers to set it on a desk or bench while operating it. For this reason, belt grinders are also known as bench grinders.

What Is a Belt Sander?

Like belt grinders, belt sanders refine and shape materials. Industrial workers apply them to non-metalworking projects, and they’re most often responsible for removing scuffs and imperfections from wooden products.

Its Structure

The belt sander’s structure doesn’t stray too far from that of the belt grinder, as it contains an engine, two pulleys, and a sander belt. Sanders come in a variety of sizes, and operators can mount smaller belt sanders to their workbenches. You can find sander belts with different grits too, which impacts how the device manipulates the materials it works with.

The Differences Between the Two

The main differences between a belt grinder and a belt sander lie in the materials that they shape. While belt grinders are useful in metalworking, belt sanders are essential machines in woodworking and fabrication projects with softer materials. Because they work with different products, these devices have different belts. Belt grinders’ belts are much more abrasive than belt sanders’ belts, enabling them to work on dense metals.

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