Common Injuries in Metal Fabrication Facilities

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Common Injuries in Metal Fabrication Facilities

Common Injuries in Metal Fabrication Facilities

Sam Chun |

Hazardous materials, employee oversight, demanding physical labor—most metalworking staff are prone to experiencing a variety of hazards while on the job. Kaka Industrial explores the most common injuries in metal fabrication facilities so you know what to keep an eye out for with your company. Preventing injuries at your metalworking facility is imperative to employee retention and safety and reducing costly downtime.

Injuries From Material Handling

As a metalworker, you know encounters with sharp or bulky metals are normal. Improper material handling is of the leading causes of metal fabrication injuries. Metal parts that are awkward or heavy to carry often lead to scrapes or more serious cuts when not maneuvered carefully and correctly.

Injuries From Strenuous Physical Tasks

Metalworking is a demanding field. Your joints and muscles may suffer if you don’t consider your physical condition. Injuries from strain such as carpal tunnel, bursitis, or rotator cuff syndrome are overwhelmingly common at metal fabrication facilities.

You should always maintain a good posture while working, using power from your legs to help lift materials, not your back. Stretching, taking breaks when needed, and utilizing supportive apparel such as back braces can reduce the intensity of strenuous injuries while working.

Injuries From Lack of Protective Wear

Burns, cuts, and eye injuries are highly preventable in metalworking, but they’re still common due to accidents and a lack of protective wear. Metalworkers face risky chemicals, fragments, dust, and other contaminants at work, emphasizing the need to always wear personal protective equipment.

Without goggles, gloves, helmets, and other PPE, metalworkers become vulnerable to a slew of workplace injuries. Protective gear saves metalworkers from irreversible harm daily and is often incorporated into their uniforms to maximize personnel safety on site.

One of the most foolproof ways to avoid these common injuries in metal fabrication facilities is to enforce proper machine training and operation, PPE, and facility maintenance. Equipping your shop with reliable metal fabrication machines can also help reduce workplace injuries, as better machinery will result in more accurate and smooth applications. Check out Kaka Industrial’s vast inventory of high-grade metalworking machinery for equipment that will improve your facility’s practices.

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