KAKA Industrial bi-metal bandsaw blade for BS-712N, BS-712R


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19X0.9X2362mm kaka bi-metal bandsaw blade 5/8 teeth

Blade for BS712N/BS712R (6/10 TPI) 19x0.9x2362mm

Used in the model BS-712N, BS-712R

Blade Length


Blade Width

19 mm

Blade thickness

0.9 mm

Teeth per Inch


Blade Material



Appr. 0.9lb/pc


Bi-metal blades feature a toothed edge made from high speed steel (HSS) attached to a flexible steel backing through an electron-beam welding process. This configuration results in a blade that makes precise cuts while resisting breakage. They are used on ferrous and nonferrous metals.

The cutting surface of a toothed edge is composed of a row of pointed teeth. Common tooth variations include the number of teeth per inch and pitch pattern. They are used on ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

The use of M-42 high-speed cobalt steel ensures high wear resistance of the band saw blade. The blade lends its broad application range to a unique heat treatment and effective use of the inherent material characteristics.

The offered tooth pitch configurations make it possible to cut the materials with different dimensions.

High speed steel tooth tips combined with flexible alloy steel backing material results in band saw blades that are the most cost effective choice for most metal sawing applications.


A wide variety of products are available to ensure optimal blade performance in your application.


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