Why Every Shop Should Have a Double Column Band Saw

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Why Every Shop Should Have a Double Column Band Saw

Why Every Shop Should Have a Double Column Band Saw

Jake Betcher |

If you’re interested in cutting metal as efficiently and precisely as possible, a double column band saw may be the ideal piece of equipment for you. A double column band saw is a type of horizontal band saw configuration that’s very durable, so you can confidently use it without worrying about performance. If you want to take your metalworking operation to the next level, learn why every shop should have a double column band saw in their equipment lineup.

Precise Cutting

A double column band saw allows you to cut metal in a precise, consistent manner. In contrast to a scissor-type saw that has a pivot bearing, a double column raises and lowers the head on linear guides. The blade’s angle stays fixed on a double column saw, so the cut can only be as long as the material’s diameter.

And unlike a pivoting saw, a dual column saw is very rigid because the columns hold both ends of the head. As such, there’s nearly constant pressure and speed when making the cut. Double column band saws are also very stable, so the reduced vibration improves cut quality. You’ll be able to produce straighter cuts since the blade is less likely to bend during the cutting process.

Increased Longevity

Another reason why every shop should have a double column band saw is its durable design. Generally, double column saws are sturdier than pivot saws, such as the scissor type saw mentioned above. Sturdy design and construction can increase the longevity of the machine.

Since double column band saws are very stable, the blade and other moving parts don’t undergo as much wear and tear compared to their less rigid counterparts. By working with a fixed, durable machine, you won’t need to worry about replacing your equipment frequently. Instead, you can invest money in different aspects of your metalworking business.

Improved Efficiency

Since double column band saws produce precise cuts fast, they can increase your shop’s overall production level. If you work with large-diameter materials and have a demanding production line, the precise cuts of a double column band saw are invaluable.

Dual column saws are for cutting larger cross sections of material than saws that rely on a pivoting mechanism. Pivot saws generally don’t cut materials greater than 16 inches in diameter. As the name suggests, dual column saws have two columns for added stability, so they’re ideal for larger and thicker materials. The ability to effectively cut a large piece of metal at once means you can improve your cut speed and decrease the stress placed on your machine’s blade.

At Kaka Industrial, we sell a variety of double column horizontal band saws for all your metalworking needs. Plus, we provide consistent support after your purchase, so you can be confident your investment has protection. With its improved cutting, longevity, and efficiency, a double column band saw is a wise decision for any professional in the metal industry.

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