What Machines Every Metal Fabrication Shop Needs

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What Machines Every Metal Fabrication Shop Needs

What Machines Every Metal Fabrication Shop Needs

Sam Chun |

Whether you are starting or expanding your fabrication shop, having the fundamental machinery is vital to the shop’s success. Obtaining the appropriate machinery will diminish the need to outsource any workloads, making you the top choice for metal contracting work. Offering a multitude of services provides your clients convenience and variety. Consider this comprehensive list of what machines every metal fabrication shop needs.

Band Saw

A premier metal-cutting saw is a key addition to any fabrication shop. Band saws are made up of long blades that have a band of toothed metal stretched between wheels to cut the strongest materials. Its precision and reliability make it a must-have application for your shop. In addition to the band saw and circular saw, KaKa Industrial offers various accessories to help deliver an even more accurate cut.

Press Brakes

In a fabrication shop, the need for press brakes is inarguable. With their primary role being bending metal, this equipment is extremely valuable. They are sturdy and cost-efficient, often lasting for several decades.

Metal is secured onto the bed of the press brake, causing the ram to come down and utilize the weight of the machine to force the metal into the desired shape. Bed length and tonnage are two key factors in ranking press brakes, as they determine how much metal the machine can process at once. The four types of press brakes are hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic, and servo-electric, with hydraulic and mechanical being the most popular.

Slip Roll

This fabrication device is used to bend metal tubes, beams, and pipes. Its robust frame holds accuracy bearings and shaft diameters that allow for precise bending. Their durable build promises long wear and low maintenance.

Adding high-quality equipment like the slip roll is a significant move that will improve your shop’s overall performance. KaKa Industrial provides a wide range of equipment in this department, so you can be sure to select a machine that is the best fit for your metal-fabricating goals.


An ironworker is one of the most employed sheet metal fabrication machines in the industry. The addition of one of these machines will save your shop time and money with its multiple functions. Ironworkers are capable of shearing, punching, notching, and braking, making them a versatile application to fabricate with.

You should greatly consider the machines every metal fabrication shop needs if you hope to find success with your shop. These robust applications and their fundamental contributions have proven to be a necessity in fabrication shops, making them staples in the metal fabricating industry.

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