Warning Signs of Resin Buildup on Your Bandsaw Blades

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Warning Signs of Resin Buildup on Your Bandsaw Blades

Warning Signs of Resin Buildup on Your Bandsaw Blades

Jake Betcher |

Following the recommended maintenance procedures for your machinery yields the best results. However, neglecting these processes could lead to a faulty machine that produces flawed pieces. Be alert to the warning signs of resin buildup on your bandsaw blades so that these gooey defects don’t alter the final product.

The Pitch

Saw blades become hot from the friction they generate while cutting wood, regardless of the type of saw you’re using. Sometimes when you’re sawing sappy wood, such as pine or fir, you’ll come across something known as “pitch.” This is essentially the wood sap.

The higher temperature from the blade’s friction will cause the pitch to melt, leaving residue on the blades. This increases the blade’s heat production and pitch absorption, making it much more difficult to drive the blade through the wood. The only way to remove the muck is to stop what you’re doing and wipe the blade clean with a solvent. Turpentine is the most common solvent individuals will turn to clean the blades.

Burn Marks

Leaving the resin building on your blades could cause your bandsaw to overheat as the blades accumulate more resin with each cut. That accumulation creates more friction between the blade and your cutting piece, leaving noticeable burn marks.

Applying a protective coating after wiping the blades clean can lower the friction between the two items. Furthermore, a nonstick coating can keep you from making this a frequent chore.

Lack of Oil

One way resin buildup can throw a wrench into things is by preventing the chain from receiving oil. If the resin does create a barrier between the two, the chain will stick and not function properly.

A high-quality bandsaw lubricant is an essential aspect of proper maintenance. It’s crucial for you to use bandsaw lubrication regularly to ensure that it continues to function smoothly for many years without a blip.

Effectively cutting materials is impossible if the tool lacks the appropriate lubrication. Since the solution reduces cutting noise in half, you should lube each side of the blade every few minutes to get premium results.

Dull Cuts

The most apparent warning sign of resin buildup is the quality of cuts. When a blade wears down, imperfections like chips will happen because it’s dull. A well-kept blade may easily cut through the wood without marring the surface. Don’t ignore this red flag, and act if the resin is noticeable. You’d be amazed at how much of a difference removing it can make.

When you get your new industrial bandsaw from Kaka Industrial, remember the warning signs of resin buildup on your bandsaw blade. Caring for your bandsaw guarantees the best results each time you put it to good use!

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