The Difference Between Single and Double Column Band Saws

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The Difference Between Single and Double Column Band Saws

The Difference Between Single and Double Column Band Saws

Chris Cui |

When it comes to working with metal, it’s important to have the proper tools to ensure you do the job right. However, since there are so many different pieces of equipment to choose from, how do you narrow your search? Continue reading to learn the difference between single and double column band saws.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Band Saw

Before we dive into the difference between single and double column band saws, we must highlight the importance of choosing the right tool for your needs. Although both types of saws effectively cut metal and other materials, you can increase your yield and overall production based on the specific equipment you use.

Since it features a twin post design, a double column band saw will generally be more stable and provide a larger cutting capacity. However, with increased capacity comes increased cost, so be sure to consider which choice is best for your metalworking shop.


A double column band saw features a blade mounted on two posts. It travels in a straight line. The head of the blade connects to the end of the saw, so it remains steady during the cut. As such, you get a highly precise finished product.

A double column band saw can cut a variety of materials and a wide range of sizes. If your metalworking business requires you to cut large pieces, you can’t go wrong with a dual column saw. The stability of the machine means your cuts will be smooth and precise.


Since it’s larger than its single counterpart, a double column band saw has a greater overall cutting capacity. Due to the heavy-duty motor, this tool can cut material at a rapid rate. Thus, the operator can complete more work in less time and increase productivity.

A double column band saw blade travels the shortest path possible, so it takes less time to cut each piece of metal. If you frequently work with large pieces, every minute counts. The increased efficiency of a double column saw may be the perfect solution for your needs.


When you’re investing in new metalworking equipment, you want to ensure the machine you purchase will last. Dual column band saws don’t vibrate as much as single column models. Since vibration can shorten the blade’s life, you want it to have as little movement as possible.

The stability of a double column saw means it’s more durable than a saw that operates on a pivot. Although more expensive, you can be confident your saw will serve you well for a long time.

Does a double column horizontal band saw sound like the right choice for you? At Kaka Industrial, we offer versatile, durable, high-performing horizontal band saws for metalworking professionals. Browse our selection to find a precise, efficient solution to your metal cutting needs.

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