Equipment Every Auto Repair Shop Needs

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Equipment Every Auto Repair Shop Needs

Equipment Every Auto Repair Shop Needs

Sam Chun |

Even the most efficient mechanics can’t function without a repertoire of reliable tools and machinery. If you’re considering offering your own automotive services, you’ll first need to stock your facility with equipment every auto repair shop needs. KaKa Industrial looks at some of the most common and effective machines that must be in your shop.

Air Compressor

An air compressor interacts with many tools in an auto repair shop. From pneumatic hand tools to auto lifts, air compressors fulfill the needs of other equipment. The greater capacity of your compressor, the more power that’s available for your projects.

Jack, Jack Stands, Pole Jacks

To temporarily lift vehicles, you’ll need a sturdy floor jack. Since minor car lifts are bound to be a daily occurrence, invest in robust jacks, jack stands, and pole jacks.

Jack stands will support the vehicle once lifted while pole jacks support other raised vehicle components.


You’ll have an abundance of opportunities to use a press. When tending to bearings, bushings, or bending other metal parts, you’ll often find yourself using a trusted press machine.

Vehicle Lifts

As you’ve probably experienced, mechanics often must observe the underside of a vehicle to properly inspect and diagnose it. Your can raise customers’ cars using a reliable vehicle lift. Consider the following lift components when selecting one that’s right for your auto shop.

  • Safety features
  • 2-post or 4-post build
  • Add-on accessories
  • Power requirements

A lift is one of the most important pieces of equipment every auto repair shop needs, and is worth investing in. For instance, if you upgrade it, it’ll perform well for many years.

Workbench With Vise

To work on smaller vehicle parts, your facility will need a workbench with a vise. The workbench should be durable and adjustable to ensure the safety of your shop’s mechanics.

Finding the Right Equipment

To provide high-quality services, you’ll need high-quality machines. Visit KaKa Industrial’s vast inventory of metal fabrication equipment to stock your shop with optimal machinery. From bench vises to metal brakes and machine accessories, we have everything you need to lay a solid foundation for your facility and its services.

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