Best Practices To Keep Your Workshop Safe

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Best Practices To Keep Your Workshop Safe

Best Practices To Keep Your Workshop Safe

Jake Betcher |

Whether you’re opening your own metal fabrication shop for the first time or you’ve been running one for decades, it’s always important to review safety guidelines. Injuries are too common in fabrication shops because of the heavy equipment, dangerous chemicals, and powerful tools present. Keeping up to date with the best safety practices will help reduce the number of injuries and make your business more productive. Check out these best practices to keep your workshop safe.

Keep Maintenance Logs

One thing you don’t want in a workshop is malfunctioning equipment. On top of costing you valuable time to fix, the equipment itself can become a hazard. To make maintenance and repairs more predictable, keep a maintenance log for every piece of equipment. This will make it easy to track things, such as how often you change blades and bandsaw tires.

Host Regular Safety Training

At least once a year, you should refresh your employees on the best practices to keep your workshop safe. This training might include things like:

  • Proper lifting techniques
  • Locations of hazardous materials
  • How to use maintenance logs
  • Correct equipment handling
  • Emergency procedures

By scheduling regular training, you can ensure that ignorance is never a cause of injury or accidents in your workshop. This can go toward creating a culture of safety, which we’ll discuss more below.

Create a Culture of Safety

Workplace culture can determine how your employees react to safety information. If supervisors are dismissive toward compliance and safety, other employees will follow suit. However, by modeling proper compliance and following safety best practices, you can create a workplace culture that values safety. This culture will help workers feel confident about notifying management when they spot violations.

Use Visual Communication

Visual reminders of safety best practices are incredibly helpful for workers. Use written signs, labels, and floor tape to keep the workspace organized and alert people to where important hazards and safety devices are.

Using professional metal working machines is another key way to improve safety. You can find high-quality fabrication equipment at Kaka Industrial. We carry tools for sawing, bending, drilling, grinding, and rolling metal. We also have many other types of fabrication machines. We’re confident that you’ll be able to find exactly what you need.

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