3 Ways To Maintain Your Vertical Band Saw

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3 Ways To Maintain Your Vertical Band Saw

3 Ways To Maintain Your Vertical Band Saw

James Zhan |

Preventative care is one of the best ways to care for a tool and yield significant benefits. Every band saw at your metalworking shop should have a preventive care schedule. These are three ways to maintain your vertical band saw to get you started.

Care for the Vises

Clear away the chips from the vise jaws each time you use the machine. Two times a year, ensure you’re checking the jaws for wear and tear. Adjust, repair, and replace them as needed since too much wear can result in crooked cuts.

Ensure the alignment of the stationary jaw is at 90 degrees for a straight cut.

Check the Belts Every 6 Months

If you notice the belts have excessive cracks or have stretched, you could see an inconsistent saw performance. It’s best to replace the belts instead of waiting until they break. It will reduce the life of your straps.

Preventative maintenance may cost a bit up front, but it can save you money in the long run.

Maximum Life for Your Blade

Frequently inspect the functioning parts of your industrial metal band saw. You need to make the adjustments your saw requires to function correctly. Complete the following regularly:

  • Inspect the blade tension every time you or an employee change the blade. The blade can warm up and expand as you use it for extended periods. Sometimes, after it cools, there’s a lot of pressure and tension on the wheel bearing.
  • Check the band wheels—flanges, fluid grooves, and surfaces—every time you change the blade.
  • Every six months, examine the band guides. They’re a vital element of the band saw, and cracked or worn band guides will lead to a shorter blade life and crooked cuts.
  • Inspect the band wheel bearings two times a year. Look for unusual wheel movement that will cause the guides to wear prematurely. This odd wheel movement can result in damage to the band saw and blade failure.

When you perform preventative care, you can avoid issues before they begin.

Here at Kaka Industrial, we offer high-quality vertical band saws to keep your business going. We understand that following these three ways to maintain your vertical band saw will help keep your band saw from dying prematurely. Please feel free to browse our website for all your industrial needs.

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