3 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Belt Grinder

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3 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Belt Grinder

3 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Belt Grinder

Jake Betcher |

Even the toughest of professional fabrication machines wears out eventually. If your belt grinder or other machine isn’t performing like it used to, don’t feel bad about getting a replacement. Check out these three signs it’s time to replace your belt grinder.

1. Tracking Problems

Tracking is how well the belt stays on the right track on your machine. If you’re constantly having to stop your work to reset the belt tracking, then it’s probably time to get a replacement. A properly-functioning belt grinder won’t have these kinds of problems, which is good since they can be expensive to fix. The safest thing to do is get a new piece of equipment.

2. Noticeable Speed Difference

Speed is an important element of belt grinder function. Basically, by running a piece of metal across a grinding belt at high speeds, you can remove defects and even sharpen tempered steel. A high speed is necessary for getting the right amount of friction against the metal. If you’ve noticed that your machine isn’t running as it used to, you could have a worn motor or another problem.

3. Lack of Modern Features

Sometimes you decide to upgrade not because your equipment doesn’t work but because there are machines that do the job better. Having an out-of-date machine is one of the signs it’s time to replace your belt grinder. Maybe your belt grinder has served you for many years, but it’s far behind with safety features, speed adjustments, and other features. There’s no shame in upgrading to a new tool that’ll help you be safer and more efficient.

What To Do With Old Equipment

If your machine still works, don’t throw it away when you upgrade! See if you can sell it or donate it to someone who can use it. Schools, technical programs, and local hobbyists might love to have your old machine, so don’t let it go to waste.

Finding a New Belt Grinder

You can find professional-grade metal belt grinders at Kaka Industrial. We carry a number of high-speed belt grinders and other pieces of industrial equipment perfect for your fabrication workshop. Don’t see the tools you’re looking for? Just reach out and ask us—we’d love to help you find the right machine for the job.

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