Kaka Industrial CC-6 Horizontal / Vertical Basic Indexing Spacers



Out Dia. 6.3"

ThruHoie Dia. 1.57"

Inner jaw 0.12-2.17

Outer Jaw 2.17-5.71

Guide Block 0.63

Turret Hole Dla 1.97

Size 11x9x6 in

G.W. 70LBS


  • Solid Meehanite casting, specially designed for milling, drilling and boring.
  • Hardened and ground 24 position master plate.
  • precision ground steel spindle.
  • Heavy duty shoe type spindle brake ensuring max mum rigidity for milling cuts. 360° graduation ring. 
  • Chrome plated graduated ring with five minute vernier reading.
  • The center through hole is big to be suitable for the large and long  workpiece.
  • Used the key guide block, the center can be corrected both quickly and accurately.
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting positions.

Standard Accessories

3-jaw chuck

Six masking plates(2, 3, 4, 6, Band12 position)