KAKA Industrial BS-85 110V-60HZ-1PH Metal Cutting Band Saw, Mini Band Saw


  1. Our portable band saw features an aluminum-casting structure, light weight and stability. 
  2. Our portable band saw has the advantage of stepless speed regulation. 
  3. Our portable band saw is easy to use.
  4. The saw bow of our portable band saw can be rotated from 0° to 45°.
  5. It is equipped with block feeder (with fixed sawing length).

Technical Specifications  

Item No.188000


Capacity:  Circular @90°       85mm(3.3”)

                    Rectangular @90°    85x105mm (3.3”x4.1”)

                     Circular @45°        70mm(2.7”)

                     Rectangular @45°    65x75mm(2.5”x2.9”)

Blade speed    @60Hz          40-88MPM

                         @50Hz          40-88MPM

Blade size     13x0.65x1325mm

Motor power     1000W

Drive           Gear

Packing size    28x14x18in

N.W./G.W.       41/46lb


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