Variable Speed Vertical Band Saw

At Kaka Industrial, we provide premier-quality variable speed vertical band saws. Cut more efficiently with a brand you can trust.


  1. Table gauge available
  2. Table tilted 45°
  3. Blade guard height adjustable
  4. Standard working light
  5. Variable blade speed by programming inverter
  6. 3-16 mm blade width can be chosen for  VS-500
  7. Can make various kinds of cutting such as beveling, shaping, contour, slicing etc.
  8. With variable speed can make various material cutting such as metal, plastic, wood, rubber, etc.
  9. Servo motor is optional



Item No.




Max. cutting capacity height

310 mm 12.2"

Max. cutting capacity width

500 mm 19.7"

Table size

660x700 mm 26"x27.6"

Blade speed @50Hz

0-1400 rpm

Length of saw blade

156-159 in

Width of saw blade

0.1-0.6 in

Table tilt

R-30°, L-15°

Main motor

1.5 kW 2PH

Grinder motor

0.09 kW, 1/8 HP

Electric welder

2.4 KVA

Packing size

55x35x86 in


903/1036 lbs


Standard accessories: 
Working light 
Optional accessories:
Servo motor

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