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Kaka Industrial TR-60 Manual Tube Pipe Roller Bender

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  • VERSATILITY. Kaka Industrial tube roller bender can be used with many different radius that make this roller machine versatile; there are great variety of different optional radius can be found through our website

  • HIGH QUALITY DESIGN. This roller bender is built with high quality material that can last for many years. High quality design also guarantees the stability as this machine is in use

  • SMOOTH OPERATION WITH GRAET CAPACITY. The tube roller shafts drive the operation smoothly and it can bend a minimum radius of 20" with a 1.5" pile and a minimum radius of 60" with 2" round tube

  • PORTABLE ROLLER BENDING WITH LITTLE SPACE NEEDED. The overall size of this roller bender is designed to be portable and at the same time, it will take up little space; it is an ideal tool for large and small workshops

  • HIGH ADJUSTABILITY AND EASY OPERATION WITH MANUAL CRANK. The kaka tube roller has a manual crank, which allows quick work of large radius bends; it also enable the user to perform the machine efficiently with more control with hand crank

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About KAKA Industrial: A Company Delivers High Quality Products with Fast Shipment and Lowest Price Possible. We Always Fulfill What We Have Promised

Kaka Industrial TR-60 Tube Roller Bending Machine Overview

Kaka Industrial tr-60 tube and pipe roller bender is designed to make quick work for large radius bends. This machine builds with high quality materials that can be lasted for many year usage.All the rollers are equipped with precision ball bearings for the smoothest operations. With great variety of optional tooling, the rolling bender is versatile in bending flat bar, channel as well as box section.One thing to be noted is that this roller bender is not designed for rolling complete circles.

Important Information About Optional Rollers

1-This roller bender comes with one set of 1-1/2" round tube roller

2-Please search the Stock No that presents in the product picture to find the right rollers

Specification and Optional Capacities


Item No.




Roller Adjustment




Packing dimension (in)




(Optinoal)C Channel Max. Capacity

1x2", Min. Radius: 60"

(Optinoal) Round Pipe Max. Capacity

1-1/2", Min. Radius: 20"

(Optinoal) Round Tube Max. Capacity

2", Min. Radius: 60"

(Optinoal) Square Tube Max. Capacity

2", Min. Radius: 70"

(Optinoal) Rect. Tube Max. Capacity

1x2", Min. Radius: 60"

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